Casa Astral Restaurant

Casa Astral Luxury Hotel

Eating in Holbox: a unique experience

Whether you prefer to enjoy a meal on the beach, discover street food, or indulge in a luxury dinner, Holbox in the Mexican Caribbean has many culinary options. We offer an experience with fusion dishes of international and local cuisine, accompanied by your drink of choice. Choose the experience you want to have when enjoying the island’s gastronomy from the moment you arrive from Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, or Bacalar. There is something for everyone!

At Restaurante Casa Astral, located on the beach, outdoors, you can enjoy creative cocktails and international and Mexican cuisine dishes, in a relaxed and exclusive atmosphere. This place has become a great option to eat calmly, without the hustle and bustle of the center. It is presented as a casual and homely restaurant, with a tropical atmosphere and a sand floor.

It offers a daily menu based on Caribbean flavors and locally sourced ingredients, prepared with care where you will also find delicious breakfasts to start the day.

You can also enjoy at our bar or at the Roof of Casa Astral Luxury Hotel, considered one of the best Roofs on Holbox Island, with a pool and extraordinary views and sunsets where you can enjoy delicious cocktails and drinks of your choice.
At Casa Astral Luxury Hotel, as a Boutique Hotel, we understand that gastronomy is part of the culture, that it honors it and represents it. For us, it is very important to give our best, use the most sublime products from land and sea, and create a pleasant and calm environment for full gastronomic enjoyment.

Among our services are:

Casa Astral Restaurant - Casa Astral Luxury Hotel

True Mexican snacks

When it comes to Mexican food, antojitos are one of the most popular options. If you enjoy local experiences, tacos, nachos, tortas, and quesadillas, Restaurant Casa Astral is your best choice.

Casa Astral Restaurant - Casa Astral Luxury Hotel


Fresh seafood, ceviches, lobster, aguachiles or cocktails. Being surrounded by the sea means having a wide variety of fresh seafood and fish. Ceviches, octopus stand out, although there is much more.
Casa Astral Restaurant - Casa Astral Luxury Hotel

Mayan Flavors

Traditional Yucatecan cuisine is a fusion of Maya, Spanish, and Caribbean flavors. At Casa Astral Restaurant in Holbox, traditional Yucatecan dishes are served, such as cochinita pibil, tacos, and many others.